7330 Triple Repeater Controller

[7330 Board] Continuing the 7K legacy...

The new S-COM 7330 Repeater Controller continues the legacy of the 7K Repeater Controller. The all new Main Board uses the latest technology to provide more functionality than the 7K has at lower cost.

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This product is no longer offered for sale.  Firmware updates and documentation are available.


Powerful Programming Language

  • S-COM Programming Language extended to support new features.
  • Fully remotely programmable via DTMF commands and via the RS-232 Serial Port.
  • Your work is safe -- retained in non-volatile memory and backed up in flash memory -- ensuring that no information is lost during power outages. Upload the controller configuration for storage or for use in another controller.
  • Install firmware updates over the RS-232 Serial Port.
  • Upload customer-recorded speech files over the RS-232 Serial Port.
  • Create a library of user commands with S-COM's exclusive Macro capability.
  • Powerful messaging lets you generate CW, custom and standard single and dual tones, multiple paging formats (single-tone, two-tone, 5/6-tone, and DTMF), and real speech. Messaging is independent by transmitter port.
  • Flexible per path programming of Access Mode, Courtesy Beep, Timeout, etc.
  • Flexible per transmitter programming of ID, Tail, CTCSS, etc.
  • A 100-Setpoint Scheduler executes commands at programmed times and dates.
  • Support for the Doug Hall RBI-1 Remote Base Interface lets you build a remote base using Kenwood mobile radios. (See Note.)
  • Configure Meter Faces to report values read by the A/D input port. (See Note.)

Note: Feature not yet available. Review the latest Release Notes for feature status.

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Flexible Design

  • Energy efficient custom S-COM System-on-a-Chip design.
  • The 7330 has three radio ports, each with its own set of dedicated resources. Activity on one port -- even synthesized speech or tones -- don't block activity on other ports.
    • DTMF Decoder
    • Adjustable Audio Delay
    • Jumper-configurable receiver input for flat or de-emphasized audio
    • External logic inputs for COR and CTCSS decode (external tone decoder required).
    • Configurable carrier and tone access modes
    • Per-receiver anti-kerchunk
    • Dual-tone audio tone generator with programmable audio level
    • Configurable CTCSS generator with reverse burst 
    • Real speech player with programmable audio level plays words from a large speech library or from customer-loaded prerecorded audio tracks (speech or sound effects)
    • DE9F connector per radio port
  • Configure each port as a repeater, a full- or half-duplex link, remote base or a control receiver.
  • Configure any receiver to any transmitter path for complete flexibility in setup and operation.
  • Push-on jumpers configure input signal pullups, COR/CTCSS Decode/PTT invert, Rx deemphasis, Rx/Tx Gain
  • Local or remote programming via DTMF or RS-232 serial port.
  • Second RS-232 port for controlling auxiliary devices
  • Temperature-compensated Real-Time Clock
  • Socketed PTT/logic output drivers for easy field repair
  • 3-channel A/D input
  • Improved locking power connector
  • Extended input voltage range, 9-36 volts
  • 1U 19-inch Rack Cabinet and 28-LED Front Panel included, extends only 7 inches from the back of the rack panel (plus mating connector and cable depth)
  • Legendary S-COM Quality and Reliability
  • Much More!

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  • This product is no longer available.


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