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7330 Speech Word Group Order

Mike Morris is placing an order for custom words for the S-COM 7330.  (The words also work on the S-COM 7K DAB Speech Board.)  Mike has offered to include custom words for other 7330 owners.  These words will be recorded by the original talent that did the 7330 Standard Speech Library.

To add words to the order, review Mike's list to see if the word you want is already on the list:


7330 Discontinued

The worldwide supply chain shortage in integrated circuits has made it very difficult for most manufacturers to keep up with demand for products.  Because of this shortage, we are forced to discontinue production of the 7330.  It was a very good run (we've been producing them since 2007). We just can't buy the parts. 

But we're still here.  We're available for support of all S-COM products, Dave is working on firmware updates for the 7330, and there's also a new controller in the works.  Stay tuned for more news from S-COM.

Important Message Regarding the Impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus

S-COM has not been directly affected by the COVID virus -- we're all healthy -- but we have been affected by supply chain issues regarding the availability of certain components used in our products. This is something that is affecting all manufacturers, even the car companies, because virtually all electronic components are now manufactured outside the United States.  Be sure to contact us for product availability.

Q: How do I test my custom words on my Windows PC?

When building a custom audio library from individual words or phrases, it's useful to be able to quickly play those words from the raw files stored on your Windows PC instead of going through the entire process of building and downloading a custom audio library to the 7330 only to find it doesn't work.  The way most of us play a custom word on Windows is to run Audacity, import the file, then play it. (See 7330 manual page 23-13.)

It can be even simpler to play a word with SoX.  (See page 23-11.)  Normally, SoX is invoked at the Windows command line with the program name

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