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Controller Training Slideset

Updated 2/17/2017.  This slideset provides a detailed introduction to wiring up the controller and performing basic programming.  The slideset also provides an overview of advanced features.

Current Documents

7330 Script Kit - Programming Example Code

The 7330 Script Kit is a set of examples you can use as a starting point to configure your controller.  There are preconfigured examples for using ports in different ways (called Port Personalities) and a set of control macros to manage each port.  Be sure to read the ScriptKit User Document for tips on using the examples.

I use these examples as the basis of my own controllers.  Using Notepad++ for editing (set the language type to Assembly for colorcoding of commands), I start with an empty text file then append the configuration files from the list below that I need for the port configuration that I need.  After that, I search for the QUICKSTART sections and tweak the IDer messages and any other messages that I want to change.  Creating a new configuration takes a very short time.

There are example port configurations listed below for a repeater, a wired link and a control receiver.  Because all ports can be configured the same way, any configuration can be used on any port by customizing the commands to be port-specific.  There are also pre-defined Control Macros so that you can control the operation of each port, e.g. Transmitter Enable/Disable, Path Enable/Disable, etc.

White Papers

Controller Upgrade Wiring Harness Information

Do you have an existing repeater interfaced to a 7K, 5K, or MRC-100? An easy way to get started, and keep your old controller around as a backup, is to build an adapter cable so that you can unplug your old controller and just plug in the 7330.

Getting the most from your S-COM products (User-Contributed)

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