#1, Notes from S-COM Dave's Workbench...

I've lately had an itch to write posts to a blog describing what's on my workbench to do with repeater controllers and repeater site infrastructure -- if I can tear myself away from the workbench long enough to write it ;-)  I'll try to keep my blog posts on-topic and a quick read.  

So, where to start.

S-COM Bob and I (and many others!) have been talking about a next generation controller for many Hamventions (a familiar unit of time for measuring years).  Our discussions have explored possibly every different way to implement a repeater controller, but it all comes down to one thing.  What problem is it that you, the repeater builder, need to solve?  And, how can we best deliver the right product to solve it for you?

Some 7330 history.  

Bob and Virgil and I started developing the 7330 in 2003.  In 2005 we started publicly describing what we'd been working on.  (See "Note's from Dave's Workbench" last updated 5/28/2006, http://www.scomcontrollers.com/node/31).  We shipped Release 1.0 in 2008 with a few beta versions out before that.  When we were part-time repeater controller engineers, development of the 7330 took a while.  Some might say that we still aren't done since I continue to release free updates that add new features ;-)  

Well, for some time I've been quietly working on technology for the next S-COM controller  and it's time to start talking about it.   In upcoming blog posts, I'll be talking about controller architecture, supply chain issues and impacts, microcontroller selection, number of ports, I/O expansion, configuration and programming, firmware updates, audio bandwidth, communications and more.  

But don't think I've forgotten about the 7330.  I'm also working on the next 7330 firmware release focused on I/O expansion (think controlling external hardware, remote base, logging).  There's lots of new toys in this update to try out on your 7330.  I'll tell you more about it shortly.

I'm also working on a line of accessory boards that support the 7330 and other controllers.    These boards solve some of my own repeater site problems.  Maybe they will help with yours.  If not, suggest a new board that I should add to the to-do list.

What repeater site problem do you need a controller to solve?  Feedback, comments and discussion are always welcome.  

More about all of this as I make progress at my workbench here at JHK Labs...


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