5K Version History


  • Upgrading to V2.0 requires replacement of the RAM IC and some small changes to the board.
  • The new hardware contains a battery-operated Real Time Clock which does not lose time or date when power is removed. Because of this new hardware, the command for setting the clock and calendar is changed. A Daylight Savings command is introduced.
  • A 100-setpoint Scheduler feature is included. The Scheduler allows perpetual "second Saturday of the month"-type programming, so specific dates need not be looked up and entered. It also allows "Don't Care" (wild card) entries for programming "every month", "every day", "every hour", and "every minute".


  • This version expands the Logic Input software to include the Repeater Receiver COR Input, the Repeater Receiver CTCSS Input, and the Control Receiver COR Input. Therefore, macros can be executed on the high-to-low and low-to-high transitions of these inputs just like the three Logic Inputs.


  • The Identifier is improved by allowing ID tail messages on the Initial ID Message. Formerly, ID tail messages were allowed only on the Initial ID Message.
  • A new feature, the "COR Pulse-Triggered Macro", executes a macro upon receiving the proper sequence of COR pulses (PTT mic clicks from the user). The macro, the number of pulses, their duration, and the overall window time is programmable.


  • The "Repeater Access Mode" command is introduced. It allows a choice of Carrier Access, CTCSS Access, AND-CTCSS Access, OR-CTCSS Access, and none.
  • The "DTMF Decoder Access Mode" command is introduced. It allows the same choices as the Repeater Access Mode command.


  • The "Command Termination for Control Receiver" command is introduced. This allows commands received by the Control Receiver to be terminated by simply releasing the PTT instead of requiring a "*" character. This feature already exists on the Repeater Receiver.


  • V1.1 is the first software release for the 5K.

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