7330 Firmware and Tools Release 1.7 Is Available!

Release 1.7 of the 7330 Firmware and Tools is now available! Our testers have finished their testing and all feedback has been incorporated into the firmware and documentation.

There are two new major features in this release:

-- new Runtime Variables (RTVs) have been added so that your messages can speak the current values of booleans, software switches, counters, timers, analog inputs, logic inputs and logic outputs.

-- a new readback command gives you the ability to speak the settings and values of analog inputs, booleans, scheduler setpoints, user timers, software switches, timers, counters, path access modes, and event-triggered macros.

Several small defects were also repaired.  See the Release Notes for the complete list.

The firmware is available from the 7330 Resources page.

The .zip file contains all files included in the release. If you're unsure if you want to install this release, you can separately download the Release Notes and the Owner's Manual for review.


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