Yaesu DR-2X and the S-COM 7330

See all DR-2X and DR-1X interface documentation here:    http://www.scomcontrollers.com/yaesudr1x

[Update 11/18/2017] At S-COM, we've been testing the DR-2X with the S-COM 7330 repeater controllers. The DR-2X that I have has the external controller modification and the latest firmware.

Here's the two configurations that I have tested and work well:

-- on the EXT I/O connector, wire pin 2 (PTT) to pin 1 (EXT I/O).  In this configuration, the DR-2X controller is repeating the audio, controlling repeater timing and identifying the transmitter.  All four modes are available as selected by pins 11 and 12.  The DR-2X port on the 7330 is configured as a wired link interface.  All modes of the repeater interface properly to the 7330.  This lets either an FM user or a Fusion/C4FM user communicate with any device connected to the other ports of the 7330 like another repeater, Allstar, IRLP, Echolink or anything else you choose to interface to it.

-- on the EXT I/O connector, ground pin 1 (EXT I/O).  In this configuration, the DR-2X controller is mostly disabled.  The 7330 repeats the audio from the DR-2X receiver, either FM or Fusion, to the transmitter, always configured as FM.  An external CTCSS decoder is required.

There are even fancier ways to configure the 7330 to use the DR-2X.  Like Justin Reed did for the DR-1X, macros can be written for custom applications.  I'm sure one of the owners will feel inspired to work through this.
I'm preparing an app note to describe the configurations that we have tested with the 7330 along with commands for configuring the 7330.  This app note should be available next week. 

[11/12/2017At S-COM, we've had several inquiries about the recently released Yaesu DR-2X and how it works with the S-COM 7330.  We have a DR-2X here on the workbench that has the same rework that Yaesu has offered to all DR-2X owners. 

The short answer is that it works very well.  We are working closely with Yaesu's Tokyo Engineering team on a defect that we identified with the current firmware.  We are also reviewing a change that Yaesu Engineering has proposed.  We will have more to report over the next week or two when their updated firmware is available for testing and we've completed our testing.

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