I have a transceiver on a port that asserts COR while its PTT is asserted! Can I ignore the COR?

Assume a half-duplex transceiver is connected to a controller port.  Some transceivers assert COR even when their PTT is asserted.  This confuses the controller since it sees the asserted COR as a request to key transmitters at the other end of enabled paths.  But, this isn't correct.  When a transceiver has their PTT asserted, COR should be ignored.

We can fix this with two macros.  These macros control the COR based on the state of PTT.

; These Event Macros operate port 1 half-duplex, ignore COR during PTT
MPW 26 0105 A001 * ; execute on Tx1 PTT Active
MPW 26 0106 A000 * ; execute on Tx1 PTT Inactive
MPW 20 A001 MPW 63 0119 0 * ; disable Rx1 COR and CTCSS
MPW 20 A000 MPW 63 0119 1 * ; enable Rx1 COR and CTCSS

These macros also disable CTCSS at the same time as disabling COR.


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