Q: Can you explain more about how to format an If/Then/Else command?

You can include an If/Then/Else command in a macro to execute one or more commands based on  the test of a controller data type at run time.  The test will return true or false.  The meaning of true and false depends on the data type.  See page 5-21 for details of the supported data types and page 3-9 for more detail of each data type.

For example, to check whether a port's CTCSS Logic Input is asserted, you can test the Boolean for this input.  Select the Boolean from the table on page A-51.  To check that the CTCSS Logic Input is Active on port 1, specify 0104 in the If/Then/Else command.

The If command will execute a True Macro if the CTCSS Logic Input is asserted (port busy) and a False Macro if not asserted (port not busy). 

If we use macro name A101 if True and macro name A100 if False, the If command testing a boolean looks like this:

MPW 76 04 0104 A101 A100 *

Additional examples are shown in the manual starting on page 5-22.

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