7330 Radio Port to Bridgecom Systems 40U/50V/220

Bridgecom Systems provides documentation for connecting Bridgecom repeaters to the S-COM 7330.  This example sets up the following configuration:

  • the Bridgecom repeater decodes the CTCSS tone and the 7330 generates the CTCSS encode tone.
  • the 7330 generates all IDs and repeater timing.

Here's how to set this up.

  • wire a cable from the 7330 radio port to the Bridgecom repeater.  Follow the directions in the Bridgecom cable wiring document.  The S-COM radio port cable can be used by soldering a DB-25M onto the radio end of the cable to plug into the Bridgecom repeater.  It's very important that you follow the instructions in the footnotes.  Also, be sure to set the 7330 jumpers shown there.

Wiring: BCR Repeater to S-COM 7330 Controller

  • program the Bridgecom repeater.  Follow the instructions described in the App Note.  Be sure to program the Bridgecom repeater in Auxiliary Mode (see Bridgecom repeater manual chapter 7).  Also, setup the CTCSS decode in the SYSOP location.

App Note: Connecting the BCR Repeater to Amateur Radio Controllers

  • program the 7330 with a configuration that works properly with the configuration steps set above.
    • Set the Path Access to COR AND CTCSS.  Proper operation depends on the Bridgecom repeater decoding CTCSS as described in the App Note, above.
    • Set the transmit tail as required.  The defaults are a good starting point.
    • Configure the CTCSS encoder to encode the tone generated by the repeater.  Select parameters that work for your application.  To not transmit CTCSS on the transmitter tail, use mode 4 with the CTCSS ON Time set to zero.

For reference, here's the manual on the Bridgecom Repeater.


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