7K Repeater Controller

This is a mature product and no longer offered for sale. Firmware upgrades are still available, but no further firmware development is planned.

The flagship of mid-priced repeater controllers -- Autopatch, Reverse Patch, Link/Remote Base Port, Scheduler, and Synthesized Speech!

The top-of-the-line S-COM 7K Repeater Controller consists of a Main Board and Rackmount Cabinet as standard equipment. The cabinet accomodates two optional boards mounted in the chassis -- the Telephone Interface Module (for Autopatch, Reverse Path, and Control by Phone Line), and the Digital Audio Board. Additionally, two optional Digital Audio Delay Modules (one each for repeater and link/remote base audio) may be mounted in the cover.

Powerful Programming Language

  • Version 2.04 pre-installed.
  • Fully remotely programmable via DTMF commands.
  • Your work is safe -- retained in non-volatile memory -- ensuring that no information is lost during power outages.
  • Create a library of user commands or autopatch speed-dial numbers with S-COM's exclusive Macro capability.
  • Powerful messaging lets you generate CW, custom and standard tones, single-tone, two-tone, 5/6-tone, and DTMF pages, and speech (when equipped).
  • A 100-Setpoint Scheduler executes commands at programmed times and dates.
  • Support for the Doug Hall RBI-1 Remote Base Interface lets you build a remote base using Kenwood mobile radios.

 Flexible Design

  • The CMOS design draws little power -- it's perfect for emergency, portable, and solar-powered repeaters.
  • The 7K supports a repeater, a full- or half-duplex link or remote base, and a control receiver.


Detailed Specifications

Compatible Third-Party Products

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