Q: How can I change the Courtesy Beep with a V and a U so I know which repeater I'm hearing, VHF or UHF?

Any tone or voice sequence is programmed into the controller as a Message.  (See page 6-1.)  There is lots of flexibility from single tones, two simultaneous tones, speech, and tone sequences usually used for paging.  You can combine these in lots of different ways.  The automated generation of messages occurs for courtesy beeps, dropout tones, identifiers, command responses and others.

A 7330 supports 9 speech paths and another 3 DTMF paths.  (See page 9-1.)  Each of the 9 speech paths has a number of customizations that you can perform including timeout timers and messages and a courtesy message.  (See page 9-27.)

To play the current programmed message so you can review how it's programmed, pick one of the review commands from the list in the table.  For the receiver 1 to transmitter 1 path (RX1-TX1), play the Courtesy Message with:

PW 34 0100 *

To program a new courtesy message, you'll use the Select RX1-TX1 Courtesy Message command from the list:

PW 31 0100 message *

then go to the Messages chapter CW section (see page 6-13 and the character table on 6-16) and form a CW message that will play the letter "V" at the default CW speed:

9900 31

putting that in the command looks like this:

PW 31 0100 9900 31 *

this programs the message.  To review it, use the command above:

PW 34 0100 *

Back on page 9-27, try reviewing other courtesy beeps.  When your VHF repeater is linked to your UHF repeater, you'll want to hear the "V" on the other transmitters as well as the VHF repeater on port 1 so change the other RX1-TX2 and RX1-TX3 courtesy messages to also have the "V" CW message.  Then add the "U" to the 3 RX2-TX messages.

Instead of CW, you could use a custom audio word as a courtesy message.  See chapter 23 for the details of recording and playing custom audio words.

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