Q: Minicom (Linux) works with my 7330 to type commands, but I can't transfer binary files to do updates. Can this be fixed?

[These instructions have been tested on Centos.  You may need to use another package manager on other Linux distributions.]

First, use yum to verify that the minicom package is installed:

yum list minicom

Also verify that the lrzsz package is installed.  This package contains the sx and rx commands that implement the XModem transfer:

yum list lrzsz

If either of these is not installed, use yum install to install them.

      yum install minicom lrzsz 

The default configuration of minicom using XModem is for XModem transfers with 8-bit checksum checking.  This needs to be changed to 16-bit CRC checking to work with the 7330. In minicom, the parameter list for each of the transfer types can be configured. 

To check the configuration, run minicom in setup mode:

minicom -s

In the menu, select File Transfer Protocols. The menu lists each of the supported protocols with the default settings. Here's the parameters for successfully sending and receiving binary files using XModem-CRC with a 7330:

/usr/bin/sx -X -o -v
/usr/bin/rx -X -b -c

You can also edit the configuration file.  The file is:

vi /etc/minirc.dfl

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