7330 Radio Port to TKR-750/850 Interface

Note: this solution assumes

  • TKR RX COR and RX CTCSS Decoder are active high logic signals
  • TKR generates the TX CTCSS.  The 7330 controls the CTCSS timing.



Signal Note
1 11 Receiver Audio 7330 Audio Input
2 25 Receiver COR 7330 Logic Input, Active High
3 24 Receiver CTCSS Decode 7330 Logic Input, Active High
4 16 Transmitter PTT 7330 Logic Output, Active Low
5 9 Transmitter Audio 7330 Audio Output
6 12 Ground for Receiver Audio RX Ground
7 7 Ground for CTCSS Logic Input Digital Ground
8 23 Transmitter CTCSS Logic Input, Enable/Disable 7330 Logic Output, Active Low
9 19 Ground Transmitter Audio TX Ground


7330 Jumpers

Ref Signal Note
J31 Receiver COR Install, Invert for Active High
J31 Receiver CTCSS Install, Invert for Active High


TKR Programming

Parameter Configuration
Receiver Frequency As Required
Transmitter Frequency As Required
QT/DQT Decode Code As Required
QT/DQT Encode Code As Required
Wide/Narrow As Required
Multi-table  As Required
Operation Mode Duplex
Scan Add No
AUXIO 4 QT/DQT Encode Disable/Enable
AUXIO 5 TOR Active High
AUXIO 6 COR Active High
Local Mic Off-hook Decode As Required
Fan Action Temperature




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