5K Repeater Controller Datasheet

This is a mature product and no longer offered for sale. Firmware upgrades are still available, but no further firmware development is planned.

[5K Board]Never before has such powerful control capability been available in this small size and low price range!

Powerful Programming Language

  • Fully remotely programmable via DTMF commands.
  • Unlike other controllers, the 5K eliminates the delays and expensive reprogramming charges involved with custom ROMs -- no jumpers or diodes to change, no trips to the repeater site! Create a library of user commands with S-COM's exclusive Macro capability.
  • Your work is safe -- retained in non-volatile memory -- ensuring that no information is lost during power outages.
  • A 100-Setpoint Scheduler executes commands at programmed times and dates.

Flexible Design

  • The CMOS design draws little power -- it's perfect for emergency, portable, and solar-powered repeaters.
  • The 5K supports both a repeater system and a control receiver.
  • Use 5Ks for main site control and control of remote receiver links.


Detailed Specifications

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