7K Firmware Upgrade V2.03

New Commands, Messages, and Events In This Version:


  • Audio Routing of all Receivers to the Autopatch
  • Programmable Receiver Priority to each Transmitter and the Autopatch


  • Audio Routing of the Autopatch to all Transmitters
  • Any-Receiver-Active and All-Receivers-Inactive to TX2 Event Macros.
  • Increased Maximum Programmable Tx1 Minimum Unkey Delay to 655.3 Seconds


  • 4 User Messages
  • Programmable Response Messages OK, Error 1 (Keystroke Error), Error 2 (Data Error)
  • Programmable Warm Reset Message
  • Save/Restore Route Message Control Characters


  • Dropout Event Macro
  • Anti-Kerchunk, No Transmitter Hang-Time Mode (ACC-Style)


  • Available from all ports.
  • Any-Receiver-Active and All-Receivers-Inactive to Autopatch Event Macros
  • Landline Control Mode, Monitor/Talk Out Via Phone with all ports
  • Programmable Receiver Priority to the Autopatch


  • DTMF Digit-Decoded Event Macro


  • Front Panel Disable for improved site security
  • Programmable Response Messages OK, Error 1, Error 2
  • Programmable Warm Reset Message

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